The 4 Stages of Learning

Have you heard about The Four Stages of Learning before? It’s something we take all of our business advisory clients through, and it helps us understand what you need to learn and what skills we can help you develop. Check out Jason’s video where he gives you insight into how our minds work when we are going through a journey of learning.

The 10 Departments within your Business

One of the most overlooked, but incredibly important aspects of any business is the 10 different departments that operate within that business. No matter the size complexity, turnover, or profitability of your business, it will have 10 different departments.

The Planning Hierarchy Mindset

Understanding what you want to achieve with your business is important, but so is figuring out how you’re going to get there. That’s where The Planning Hierarchy comes in.

Formula For Change Mindset

Find out about The Formula For Change Mindset and how it can make things happen in your business life.

OARBED Mindset

Learn about the OARBED mindset. This mindset is all about how we respond to situations within our business and also our personal life.