The 5 A’s of Change

We love to watch our clients grow and develop.

From starting out to being confident and comfortable CEOs of growing businesses, that are truly providing for their families. 

It is just such an incredible experience to be a part of. 

In order to grow, we have to embrace change – and it’s scary right?! 

That’s where The Five A’s come in – To help guide you through the journey.


Awareness that there’s an issue within the business.


Accepting that you now need to make this change. The pain of not making this change is starting to become greater than anything else.


What am I going to do? How will I do it? This is where a business plan can come it to guide your next steps of action.


Who is that independent person that can hold you to account to make sure that the planned action is being delivered? Who can you confide in? Who is going to give you a view from the outside? 

And… Who is going to give you a good kick up the backside if you’re not following through?


This fifth A of change is something that we Kiwis don’t do enough of…

Reflecting back and giving ourselves a damn good pat on the back… or buying ourselves a beer, a holiday, a new mountain bike! 

If you need someone who’s going to help you become more aware of changes that you need to make in your business, help you accept it,  give you the actions you need to take, hold you to account, and then find space for you to celebrate and acknowledge your success then please get in touch with us at SMYD Accounting / Advisory we would love to help you make that positive change.

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