Business Coaching (Monthly/Quarterly)

The purpose of our Business Coaching programme is to provide small business owners with accountability and support with planning and decision-making to ensure progress throughout the next financial year. We’ll help you overcome roadblocks and challenges in your business, working in synergy to utilise our combined expertise.

At times as a business owner do you feel alone and unsupported?

Do you find it difficult to make time to work on your business rather than in your business?

Are you keen to find new strategies to improve performance and overcome business challenges?

Would you like an independent coach to discuss your burning issues and opportunities with?

Our Business Coaching programme
consists of monthly or quarterly meetings with a senior team member as well as phone and email support. The purpose of each meeting is to review your actual results, and clarify areas where you can improve your business performance and overcome obstacles.

As a result of each meeting, you will receive minutes and an updated action list to keep you on track to achieve your goals. You’ll have access to our expertise and resources to enable you to implement best business practice.

The Business Coaching programme may also be used as a vehicle and guide to work through major changes in your business circumstances or to help you implement a Strategic or Succession Plan.

Benefits of Business Coaching with SMYD:

  • Accountability and support to enable you to achieve your desired results
  • Increase profitability and cashflow
  • Determine a process to report your actual results against your budget
  • Gain an understanding of the key drivers of your business and what impacts them
  • Identify and solve your burning issues
  • Gain access to an expert sounding board to thoroughly discuss your ideas
  • Understand the impact of ideas prior to implementing them within the business
  • Improve leadership
  • Improve business performance by identifying ways to overcome challenging issues

Business Coaching includes:

  • Prework by the business owner
  • Monthly option = 12 x 60min sessions with a senior team member, delivered via Zoom/ Google Hangouts
  • Quarterly option = 4 x 2hr sessions with a senior team member, delivered via Zoom/ Google Hangouts 
  • Phone and email support