Budgeting For Future Success

How do you want your business to look in one, two or five years?

Has the landscape changed due to COVID 19?

A strong budget will define your strategic decisions, aid in your marketing spend and help determine where you want to “invest” your resources to ensure every dollar you spend is aligned with your long-term goals for the business.

What’s Involved?

We start with a 4 hour workshop to understand the key numbers behind your business – what drives your revenue, margins, cost of sale, and overheads. We analyse your historical trends and really get into the detail on what these numbers mean.

Depending on if your business is service or product-based – we consider what drives your revenue and cost, and we work through your goals and understand the direction you want to take the business in. We determine a realistic target across all key metrics (sales, margins, overheads) for the upcoming financial year and ensure these are aligned with your goals.

Once this is set, we ensure there is a strong commentary and understanding from the business owner as to what these numbers mean and why these targets have been set.

Quarterly check-ins keep business owners accountable and see how you are against the budget. We also check in on key metrics (eg. quantity of units sold, productive hours) and gain an understanding of why the business isn’t performing (or is outperforming) this budget. This will form the basis for your next quarters decision-making and strategic direction.

Budgeting includes:

  • Prework by the businsess owner
  • 1 x 4hr in person workshop to set the budget
  • 3 x 2hr quarterly check-ins throughout the year, delivered via Zoom/Google Hangouts
  • Updatable budget produced in Excel or Google Sheets

Budgeting Client Case Study

Find out how Hannah from Bear and Moo makes data-driven decisions to skyrocket her business growth.