Formula For Change Mindset

How many times have you set the alarm early so you can go to the gym, the alarm goes off and you just don’t feel like going today? 

What can you do to overcome barriers to actually get out there and do the things that you’ve made a commitment to?

How about in business…

Do you have clients that just keep reverting back to price?

Are you working with someone, you can see the issues and you know the solution that you can provide but they just don’t see it? 

How do you get across to them the value you could add?

This is where the formula for change comes in. 

( D x V ) + f > R


What is the level of dissatisfaction at the moment? Ask key questions so you can get to the key cause of what it is that’s causing the problem.


What does the vision of the future look like? Focusing on the vision of a better future is a very powerful motivator.

First Steps:

What does the first step look like? Put everything in place to achieve the first step.


How can you overcome resistance? Ensure your vision of a positive future addresses any identified areas of dissatisfaction and that the first steps are small and in place.

 If you want to understand a little bit more about this mindset and how you can incorporate it into your daily business life, please get in touch with us!