4 Leadership Quadrants

What is your leadership style? Do you even have one?

We can use the 4 quadrants of leadership to help understand our role as leaders within our business.

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The first quadrant of your leadership is your vision. 

You set the direction of your company, you set where you want your company to go.  

It’s so important that if you are leading a business – whether you have a team of people, just suppliers, or any other people that are reliant on your business – you need to ensure that you’ve got a very clear vision of what you want your business to look like, what you want it to represent, your purpose, your mission. These are all incredibly important aspects of your business that people are going to buy into when they follow you. 


The second quadrant of your leadership is your energy. 

When you walk into a room do you inspire? Do you motivate others? When your people are around you, be it, your team, suppliers, or anyone associated with you, how do they feel when they deal with you? Do they feel positive? Do they feel like they’re actually with someone who’s made them feel better? Are you someone that’s setting an example that people want to follow? 


The third quadrant of your leadership is your ability to empower. 

Are you empowering your team? Are you giving them training, feedback and loyalty? As you grow and as your business grows it’s important to invest in your people so they are also growing both professionally and personally, ensuring that they’re not just someone that’s coming in, clipping a ticket and going home. Empowerment allows your people to move past trading ‘X’ amount of hours of their life for some money. People don’t want to feel like that, they want to feel like they are valuable and growing with you. 


The fourth quadrant of your leadership is your focus. 

Have you got a clarity of purpose? Have you got clear and relevant KPIs? Have you set out for your team what a good day’s work looks like? … And are YOU living that? 

Provide your team with the tools they need, the ability to look back on what they do and know that they are constantly working towards a greater goal and the indicators to allow them to check in along the way.

Every leader must reflect on how they perform across these four different quadrants.

Vision, Energy, Empowerment, and Focus. 

If you feel like you are unsure how your leadership style fits into these quadrants, feel that you could be lacking direction in any of these areas… or you just don’t know what it actually means to be a leader (a role that can often be thrust upon you because you were self-employed and all of a sudden you’ve now got a team) then you need us, SMYD Accounting / Advisory. 

We can help you on that leadership journey – support your vision, build your energy, find ways to empower your people and refine your focus.

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