Profit vs Cash

What is the difference between profit and cash? 
Why do we see profitable businesses run out of cash?
Understanding the difference between profit and cash is the first step we need to take when discovering the health and well-being of our business.

Keeping the Cash Flowing

Five principles that you need to have as the foundation of your business, to ensure that you can keep the cash flowing.

7 Key Causes of Poor Cashflow

The 7 Key Causes of Poor Cashflow – often something that has been neglected and overlooked over the past two years while we’ve had all these good times rolling, that right now, it’s come back and is kicking many of us in the backside.

The 5 A’s of Change

We love to watch our clients grow and develop. From starting out to being confident and comfortable CEOs of growing businesses, that are truly providing for their families.  It is just such an incredible experience to be a part of.  In order to grow, we have to embrace change – and it’s scary right?!  That’s where The Five A’s come …

The Cash Conversion Cycle

The Cash Conversion Cycle –  An incredibly important notion to understand in the economic environment that we operate in today.
With inflation, the ever-rising cost of living, and all sorts of crazy stuff going on in the economy, it is so important that we understand the cash conversion cycle and how we can work it out for your own business. 

4 Leadership Quadrants

What is your leadership style? Do you even have one?

We can use the 4 quadrants of leadership to help understand our role as leaders within our business.

Vision, Energy, Empowerment, and Focus. 

The Ceiling of Complexity

So, you’ve hit The Ceiling of Complexity – We think that by holding back from expenditure and doing everything ourselves we will get the big returns. The problem with this is that there are only 24 hours in a day.
SMYD can help you identify what strategic outsourcing decisions or strategic investment decisions you can put in place within your business to smash through that first ceiling and continue to grow sustainably.