Cashies – the temptation is there to do a little bit extra for a little bit extra cash in your pocket. But DON’T, JUST DON’T!

Cash jobs are very tempting but if you get caught (which is highly likely!) the penalties from IRD are absolutely not worth it.

Do not do cash jobs!

IRD has access to a massive amount of data, some of the insights they can get on whether people are taking cash or not is phenomenal.

But that’s not the most common way people get caught. The most common way people get caught, is someone rings up the IRD’s confidential hotline and dobs you in. The IRD starts investigating and you get caught.

If someone knows you do cash jobs, it could be your friend, your family, your neighbour, or someone that you work with, money does funny things to people, and they could dob you in.

If you are doing cash jobs, or you have undeclared income, come and let us know, and we can front foot it and take it to the IRD, the penalties are far less severe.