Why is it so important to understand how to use Xero?

At SMYD we are massive Xero fans. In fact, it’s all we use. But we don’t want to be the only Xero experts around here – we really want YOU to understand how to use it, and use it well.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. It builds your confidence – if you’re a small business or just starting out in business, if you understand how to use Xero, it’ll give you a huge amount of confidence
  2. You’ll have better conversations with us – all the jargon is demystified, so instead of us running through what things mean, we can use that time to help you make more money
  3. It’s more cost-effective for your business

If you don’t know how to use Xero properly, as your accountant, we are spending our time checking that your numbers are correct, as we can’t trust the numbers in front of us. The better you or a member of your team can use Xero, the more likely we are able to work with you in a cost effective and value for money way.  We can then focus on making some real money.

The more you know how to use Xero, the more you will grow.

Get in touch if you want to be more confident with Xero and ensure you get the best out of it.