You need to keep a logbook if you’re using your personal car for business use, or you’ve got a company car that your business owns, and you use it for personal use.

Watch the video below as Jason explains what the heck a logbook is and why you need one for your vehicle.

How does the logbook work?
You put in your details and add your car’s current mileage. All the vehicle logbook tracker apps are connected to GPS, so if you’re going somewhere for work, you click on the app, and it automatically records your trip.  

Then every time you use the car for business you record the amount of km’s you’ve travelled using your app.

How long do I need to record my work mileage for?
You need to record your mileage for 90 days. After 90 days we look at your total km’s again and work out total km’s travelled during that time, then add up your logbook and take that as a percentage. For example, total km’s travelled = 10,000km’s. Business km’s per logbook = 7,000. That means we claim 70% of all your vehicle expenses.

You just need to record your mileage once for 90 days.

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