Why doing your own GST Returns is an opportunity to take control of your business

We believe doing your own GST returns is an opportunity to have eyes on, and take control of your business. Please don’t be scared of preparing GST returns or thinking it’s beyond your capabilities.

Here’s why….

When you are reconciling your own Xero ledger, Xero is automatically building your GST return. When it’s GST time, we click a report and run that GST return. Xero prepopulates and creates the return. You then go through and check expenses, and make sure there are no personal expenses in there, check that things have been categorised correctly. Then once you’re happy it’s all correct, you click File with the IRD.

90% of you can do that yourself, and we actively encourage you to start off doing it yourselves. You get a good understanding of your business and what’s going on.

If you need some training around GST returns get in touch with us, and we’ll upskill you, so that you can do your own GST returns.