What is the source of your new clients or sales? We reckon 99% of SMYD’s business comes from referrals.

So here is a question for you – are you putting yourself in the best possible position for people to refer you?

Generally, we don’t like putting ourselves out there, we get worried about what people think, we don’t want to be seen as arrogant or skiting. That is BS!

How much business are you missing out on by not getting people to talk about how awesome you are? If someone tells their friend, colleague, or family member about you, that is ten times more powerful and a hundred times cheaper than a Google Ad for them to come across to you as a new client.

Here are some ways that you use the power of a referral:

  1. Take photos of the work you do
  2. Take photos of the clients you work with
  3. Ask for referrals from your clients
  4. Ask for recommendations – e.g. Facebook reviews, Google reviews, recommendations for your website

When that potential client comes and checks out your Facebook page, and they see lots of reviews on how awesome you are, it validates what they’ve been told. So be brave and put yourself out there!